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Episode 188: Organ Blender: Padraig (vocals/guitars) & Cole (bass) discuss their new album 'Teemu Khan' and fill us in on what plans they have made for the following few months.

August 12th, 2022

It was a please to welcome Padraig McKeown(vocals/guitars) & Cole Kiernan (bass) of extreme/industrial metal band Organ Blender. 'The Galway trio have created a post-apocalyptic world where the soundtrack to life reeks of industrial and death metal but has somehow been injected with a new-wave, avant-garde antidote that has given it a life of its own. And it’s that cocktail of sorts that makes Organ Blender a hugely compelling and highly absorbing proposition.' Pat O' (The Metal Cell reviews.) It's great to listen to Padraig and Cole talk about their band so passionately, they certainly came across as two accomplished musicians looking to push aside any boundaries that Metal fans are used to and hit them with something different and unique.
Myself and Howard are really looking forward to the day we can watch them up on a stage blasting out the tracks from 'Teemu Khan'. If you enjoyed this episode please hit 'SUBSCRIBE' to sign up for more interviews like this. Thanks Richie.
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