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Episode 175: Death The Leveller: Denis Dowling(Vocals) & Dave Murphy(Bass) talk Doom, gigs & share some past tales!

May 5th, 2022

It was a pleasure to welcome Doom merchants Death The Leveller to the show. Denis Dowling (Vocals) & Dave Murphy (Bass) are no strangers to the Irish Metal Scene with Dave playing in Mael Mórdha and Denis fronting Cursed Earth. We touch upon both of those bands histories and talk about the formation of Death The Leveller from the ashes of Mael Mórdha. The band come into their own in a live setting and having witnessed their performance with Primordial, it was both mesmeric and incredibly powerful. We talk about their two releases (i) and (ii), the flow of conversation was terrific, helped by the wine and beers with plenty of tales from the past surfacing. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Denis and Dave; keep an eye on tour dates for Death The Leveller. Please hit 'SUBSCRIBE' if you haven't already to The Metal Cell and thanks for listening.
Band links:
How To Break Pernicious Spells (c) Death The Leveller, 2022 all rights reserved.
So They May Face The Rising Sun(c) Death The Leveller, 2022 all rights reserved.

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