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Episode 174: Axecatcher. Ryan (Vocals/Guitar), Colin (Bass/Vocals) & Chris (Drums) talk about their brutal new album 'Tooth Over Claw'& future plans for the Northern Ireland Metallic/Hardcore band.

April 28th, 2022

Myself and Evan have a great chat with Ryan, Colin and Chris of Northern Ireland Metallic/Hardcore band Axecatcher. Bursting onto the scene in 2012 the band were quick to make a name for themselves with the first single “The Odalisque” becoming a featured track on BBC Across The Line’s feature 'That New Band Smell. With a string of critically releases behind them the band took a brief hiatus which saw them go through a few line up changes. In 2017, Chris joined and the three piece haven't looked back since. Their immense live shows have been smashing audiences up and down Ireland over the years; one need only listen to their brutal new album 'Tooth Over Claw' and it will have you checking tour dates for the band immediately. Having had the pleasure of seeing them support @wornoutnoise was enough to get Axecatcher on the show to convert more people out there to their exciting brand of Metallic Hardcore.
Axecatcher are Ryan Montgomery - Vocals/Guitar, Colin Wilson - Bass, Backing Vocals and Chris Whall - Drums.
Link to Axecatcher bandcamp:
Songs played:
Swarm (c) Axecatcher all rights reserved 2022.
Engines to Dust (c) Axecatcher all rights reserved 2022.

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