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Episode 157: “Aiséirí: Volume II. All Ireland Metal Project interview featuring Carl King, Darragh O’Connor, Shannon Bowman & Tony Carberry.

January 13th, 2022

I was delighted to welcome Carl King (Two Tales Of Woe), Darragh of Horrenda, Shannon of Aborted Earth, Tony of Restive Nation to talk about “Aiséirí: Volume II. The lads give us an exclusive track by track preview of this incredibly heavy compilation that was released on December 2021and will precede one more release further down the line. It's an incredible achievement given the response to Volume 1 and like the first release, there's every style of music in there for all fans of the Metal genre. What's even better is that every single cent raised from the sales of the album will go to charity. Please support it and celebrate another milestone reached for this unique collaboration of over one hundred musicians, artists and film makers on this island of ours! Thanks Richie.
All songs used on this episode © 2021'Aiséirí: Volume II' all rights reserved.
Here's the link to the Bandcamp Page:

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