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Episode 156: ARCHIVES. Adam Holland (vocals) & Daryl Montgomery (drums) talk about their band and brilliant debut album 'Decay'.

January 7th, 2022

Myself and Evan have a great chat to Adam Holland (vocals) & Daryl Montgomery (drums) about their band and brilliant debut album 'Decay'. The lads dropped 'Decay' on December 10th, 2021 and it is a nothing short of a jaw dropper! The vocals are both harsh and clean blended into the heavy often brutal riffs, spiked with genuine energy and melodic hooks. Evan named them his favourite 'New Irish Metal band of 2021' on The Metal Cell Awards yet it's hard to imagine 'new' with the 'established' sound that Archives already have. The other members are Stewart Ferguson (Lead Guitar/Clean Vocals), Samuel Irwin (Rhythm Guitar) and Paul Douglas (Bass). There's a lot planned for the lads in 2022; after the successful launch of their album in Belfast and an appearance in Dublin in Fibber Magees. The next time you can see Archives is another home town appearance at Metal 2 the Masses on the 28th of Feb in Voodoo Belfast so check that out if you can! I really enjoyed this episode and it's a great opener for another year of The Metal Cell Podcast. Please subscribe to the channel and support your local Metal Scene.
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