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Episode 152: WORN OUT. Xander, Evan, Brian & Alex talk about their ferocious Hardcore/Metal debut E.P. 'WASTE'.

December 17th, 2021

It was a pleasure to visit Hardcore/Metal act Worn Out up in their rehearsal space to celebrate the launch of their jaw-droppingly aggressive debut E.P 'WASTE'. Having witnessed the whole E.P played with brutal fury live in Belfast a few months back, it was a great to get the inside story on the the four tracks that make up this blistering debut. The first single release that cranked up the anticipation levels was 'Miles Away' mainly due to Conor Dockery's excellently twisted dark video. The lads fill us in on that and we talk about the production, recording and mixing of Aidan Cunningham. Getting James Sheridan was an inspired choice with the fantastic artwork that mirrors the abrasive onslaught of the E.P. After waiting for nearly two and a half years, WORN OUT have finally delivered a debut E.P that simply smashes the listener in the face and it's a glorious knockout blow. It's my favourite E.P of the year, so go out if you haven't already and buy the vinyl, the merch and celebrate another amazing band to look forward to in 2022. A special thanks goes out to Paul Flynn of Paul Flynn Productions who did a brilliant job of filming and editing this episode.
All songs used on this episode © 2021WORN OUT all rights reserved.

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