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Episode 151: Senzar. Paul Nash guitarist of Death/Extreme Metal band Senzar.

December 9th, 2021

I was delighted to have Paul Nash guitarist of Death/Extreme Metal band Senzar on the show. Paul is a veteran of the Irish Metal Scene, having his own rehearsal studios in Dublin and playing with Metal bands like Clay Pigeon and Coldwar; whose ashes that Senzar emerged from. Naturally there was a rich history of the Irish Metal Scene to explore with Paul who thankfully had no issues going back over the early years of Coldwar, American tours and the formation of Senzar. So if you're a fan of old school metal or just interested in the Irish Metal Scene you will love this episode. Thanks for the support and subscribe if you enjoy the episode. Richie.
CIV (Sky Burial) © Senzar, all rights reserved. 2018
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