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Episode 145: MOLYBARON. Gary Kelly, the Irish vocalist and guitarist of the band talks about moving to Paris and creating the band. MOLYBARON are about to release their sophomore album; a ten song epic titled "The Mutiny" .

October 28th, 2021

I was delighted to welcome Gary Kelly, the Irish vocalist and guitarist of the band. Gary talked about his move from Dublin to Paris which kick started his love for metal and ended up with him creating demos in 2014, It took meeting Steven Andre (guitarist) that planted the seed for the band MOLYBARON to grow. Gary wrote and recorded all the songs in his bedroom which eventually turned out to be their self titled album; they learned the hard way that being in a metal band in Paris didn't guarantee them an audience and success. A few years later, with Sebastien De Saint-Angel (Bass) and Camille Greneron (drums) they are about to release their brilliant riff laden sophomore album titled "The Mutiny". It contains ten songs describing the uphill struggle to overcome mental health issues – depression, guilt, drug and alcohol use. Having released three singles off "The Mutiny" Rolling Stone and Rock Hard magazine have all wrote glowing reports on the band, signing to Sony's 'InsideOut' music and with live gigs on the horizon, it's certainly an important few months ahead for MOLYBARON. Hope you enjoy the episode and please "Subscribe" to The Metal Cell on YouTube. Thanks, Richie.
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