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Episode 144: ForeignWolf. Dave Brady (Guitars) discusses band dynamics, future plans and ForeignWolf signing to Wormholedeath Records.

October 21st, 2021

Myself and my co-host Joe welcomed Dave Brady to The Metal Cell Podcast for a brilliant chat about ForeignWolf. Formed in 2019 the Northern Ireland band have been steadily building an audience with their groove driven and hook laden music. ForeignWolf will appeal to fans of Thin Lizzy, Therapy, Pantera and many more. The latest release of Your Weapons, Your Words caused many people to sit up in the music industry and resulted in ForeignWolf being snapped up by Wormhole Death Records. The future looks bright for ForeignWolf and like every band they are desperate to gig and build on their early promise. If you liked the episode be sure to subscribe to the show. Thanks for your support. Richie.
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