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Episode 136: Words That Burn's Jason Christy (Drums) talks about their blistering Bloodstock gig & gives us an update on new songs

August 26th, 2021

It was a pleasure to finally get to chat with Jason Christy (Drums) of Words That Burn. The band had just come back from Bloodstock 2021 after playing a blistering set to a huge crowd on the New Blood Stage. I was interested to see how their terrific new song "Den of Lions" went down and to see if Jason had any updates in relation to the new songs they had been working on during lockdown. Josh Schroeder (King 810, Of Virtue) is working with Words That Burn and going by what Jason says it will be an exciting time for fans of the band so hopefully we should see a few more single releases this side of 2021 If you like the interview please "Subscribe" to The Metal Cell on YouTube. Thanks Richie.
Words That Burn: Den of Lions (c) all rights reserved.
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