Richard Duhig

Co-Host of The Metal Cell Podcast

My name is Richard Duhig I am 49yrs old and I host my own Podcast in Ireland called The Metal Cell Podcast. I have my own studio based in East Cork, where I have recorded numerous bands and people involved in the Irish Metal community for the show. I've been a Metal fan all my life and played in local bands, DJ'ed and travelled thousands of miles to attend concerts. Music is my life and thankfully I have a wife and kids that recognise this and support me doing the Podcast. I work full time doing shiftwork with a local Pharma company for 20 years, so the Podcast is sustained by that income as I make no money out of this. The amazing people that are involved in the Irish Metal Scene put huge amounts of time and dedication to this community where we all help each other out. This Podcast is dedicated to them and to the future generations coming through.

Richard Duhig has hosted 284 Episodes.