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Episode 89: Hundred Year Old Man. Owen Pegg gives us his insights on the band and reveals new songs are well advanced in relation to a follow up to "Breaching".

September 10th, 2020

Hundred Year Old Man’s music combines post-metal with an intense wall of sound delivery that’s devastatingly effective. Drone and ambient elements are included, with synths and electronics playing a notable part in the band’s sound which have won them many plaudits across the international metal scene. The Leeds based sextet are busy completing songs for a new release and it was a great time to catch up with Owen to reflect on the formation of the band and look forward to their plans in 2021. There was plenty of banter from Howard and Owen; complete with stories from when they hit Ireland for a couple of tours in the past. Enjoy the episode.

Songs featured and permission granted:
Cold Blooded Murder (c) Bakken, 2020 all rights reserved.
Ascension (c) Hundred Year Old Man 2020 all rights reserved.

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