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Episode 85: Parhelia. Formed in 2006 with current members Greg Clarke (Guitars, Keys & Effects) and Cathal Rodgers (Bass & Keys), Parhelia have five critically acclaimed releases. Celestial Horizons is their brilliant new instrumental album.

August 13th, 2020

Combining the genuine warmth and emotion of progressive rock with the desolate feeling of post rock, Parhelia's Greg Clarke (Guitars, Keys & Effects) and Cathal Rodgers (Bass & Keys). chat with myself and Howard reflecting over the early formation of the band up to their incredible new instrumental release Celestial Horizons. Seasoned veterans on the Irish Metal Scene, it was great to hear Greg, Cathal and Howard of Partholon share insights on coming through those formative years playing in bands and still be relevant in a vibrant Metal community now in 2020.

Songs featured and permission granted:
Sky Burial (c) AeSect, 2020 all rights reserved.
A Lonesome Journey (c) Parhelia 2020 all rights reserved.
Lith (c) Abysm, 2020 all rights reserved.

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