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Episode 62: Dog Tired and Skypilot at Urban Assault 2020.

March 5th, 2020

Part 1 features Dog Tired. The lads had just finished playing a stormer of a set, upstairs in An Spailpin Fanach for Urban Assault 2020, when we had a great chat about the creation of one of their best releases yet "The Electric Abyss". There was plenty of stories of hairy princesses, sheep punching and life growing up in the wonderfully named Penicuik. Dog Tired are playing Bloodstock this year and it was very interesting to hear them talk about how being an independent band can be a positive thing without relying on a major labels help.
Part 2 features Skypilot. Recorded at The Old Town Whiskey Bar it was chaotic right from the start. A large hen party was in the room next to us as I was joined by Skypilot and James Loveday from The Distortion Project. Despite the unsettling sight of a naked male model the lads tried to be as professional as one can be given the circumstances. There was plenty to talk about as the lads had enjoyed a very successful 2019, having played Bloodstock and recorded a new album, the excellent "The Affront". With another Siege of Limerick appearance on the horizons and a tour with Blind River, it's shaping up nicely for the Northern Ireland three piece. It was also terrific to have James there as well to give us insights into the thriving Belfast Metal scene that he helped create.

Songs featured: Beyond The Grave (c) Dog Tired, 2019 all rights reserved.
Superdupernaught (c) Skypilot, 2019 all rights reserved.

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