The Metal Cell Podcast

Episode 59: The Metal Cell Forum III January Special. Danielle Daly, Jack O'Neill, Evan Prendergast and me talk all things Metal.

February 15th, 2020

Episode 59 was a special episode as I got the gifted Alex Vinci, frontman of Last Vinci and Narrow Door Management, to film the entire Podcast. So the fruition of our collaboration is up on my YouTube channel It was great to catch up with Danielle, Evan and Jack after Christmas and we quickly got back into our groove. Irish festivals like "Urban Assault, The Gathering, Iron Mountain and Clang all got discussed. The usual round up of gigs attended and Irish Metal news also were discussed until we got to our main subject...the links between Metal and Wrestling. Enjoy and it's like a mantra now....please leave a rating on the Podcast. Respect and thanks Richie.

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