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Episode 46: Hero In Error Gary Regan (Guitars) and Rob Powderly (Guitars) have a chat with me in Fred Zeppelin's, Cork.

November 21st, 2019

Hero In Error have a past that's more unusual than most. Formed in 2007 they released their debut E.P in 2010 “The High Point of New Lows” which created a massive surge in interest in them. Endorsement deals, PR companies and the American label with a famous producer on board swiftly followed. However it came at a cost to founding member Gary and later to singer Anto. New members were drafted in which included close friend of the band Rob from Red Enemy. Then there was the issue of recording an album that never got released, updates were few and far between with the band more or less done in 2014....However 2016 saw HIE came back with a new single "The Hollow Truth" and a new line up which included original founding members Gary and Steve with Rob also back in the fold. The "Obey" E.P was released in 2017 to much critical acclaim and since then they've been steadily building on the strength of their loyal fan base and writing new material. Gary and Rob thankfully bring us up to date on this fascinating story.

Songs: Obey and Hollow Truth (c) 2019 all rights reserved..

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