Episode 39

Sean Frahill (Vox), Conor Nagle (Guitar) and Aaron Frahill (Bass) from Arjuna's Eye, talk about the new release of their sophomore album “Amalgam”. An album with songs steeped in mythology and complexity, it's certainly a fascinating journey listening to the lads who carefully crafted those songs and decided to share them with us.


October 17th, 2019

1 hr 2 mins 33 secs

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About this Episode

The Metal Cell was delighted to welcome Sean (Vox), Conor (Guitar) and Aaron (Bass) from Arjuna's Eye to the studio with in my opinion a contender for Irish Metal Album of the year “Amalgam” I was keen to get an insight into the stories about the songs and the work that went into the production of it. An album steeped in mythology and themes, the conversation was certainly incredibly entertaining and informative. Arjuna's Eye have certainly delivered with “Amalgam” and it remains to be seen where it can take these talented musicans from Cork.

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