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Episode 34: Memoriam/Steiner. Karl Willetts & Andy Whale of Memoriam Pt.1. Joshua-Troy Demarco & Jack Hayes of Steiner interviewed live at Dolans in Limerick courtesy of Bad Reputation.

September 12th, 2019

The Metal Cell was up in Dolans of Limerick, to watch Memoriam crush all before them on their tour of Ireland with support from Ten Ton Slug from Galway and local Limerick band Zealot Cult. I contacted John of Bad Reputation to organise the Podcast which located me overlooking the stage before the gig started. Another local band Steiner, whom I've been following their progress over the last few month's were available for a interview so I sat down first with Josh Guitars/vox and Jack bass/vox and talked with them about finding their feet fairly quickly in a live scene full of talented bands around Ireland for Part 1 of the Podcast. I was then joined by the legendary Karl Willetts (vox) and Andy Whale (drums) of Memoriam for a quick chat about Birmingham, Black Sabbath, the new album and the process working with Russ Russell in Part 2 of the Podcast. Some stories and a few laughs as well were to follow. So enjoy, like, share and convert!

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