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Episode 300: TEN TON SLUG: Sludge Merchants Rónán, Sean & Pavol celebrate their incredible debut album 'Colossal Oppressor'.

May 10th, 2024

It was terrific to host Rónán (Vocals), Sean (Guitars) & Pavol (Bass) of the legendary sludge merchants Ten Ton Slug at The Metal Cell Studios. As you can imagine, cans were cracked open, riffs were talked about, stories of the making of 'Colossal Oppressor' were shared and craic was had. The lads have crafted one of the most important releases in the Irish Metal Scene in years, so join us as we herald the arrival of Ten Ton Slugs first album release 'Colossal Oppressor', the slime is real!
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All songs played © Ten Ton Slug, all rights reserved.

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