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Episode 297: NIHILANTH: Pete Craig of Belfast Deathcore band Nihilanth, discusses 'Destroyer of Worlds' their brilliant debut ep, the formation of the band & future plans.

April 26th, 2024

It was a pleasure to welcome Pete Craig guitarist and one of the founding members of the brilliant Deathcore band Nihilanth to the show. We discuss a lot of topics on the show, I asked Pete about his time with his previous band Death of a Salesman, how he met Aidan Thompson, who now is the current singer of Nihilanth after hanging up his bass playing duties, the creation of their excellent debut EP 'Destroyer of Worlds', recording with JSR Studios and many more interesting stories that cropped up during the chat. I hope you enjoy the show and please hit that 'SUBSCRIBE' button on The Metal Cell YouTube channel! Thanks.
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Traitors of the State © Nihilanth, all rights reserved.
A Stranger Called Death © Nihilanth, all rights reserved.

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