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Episode 291: Psykosis: Thrashers Grant, Tom, Liam & Aidan chat with Letty about their upcoming new album MindGames, influences and the history of their thrash band.

March 27th, 2024

Psykosis are an Irish Thrash Metal Band that started up in late November 2008 in Ballybrack. The band honed their sound, playing shows and supporting big international acts such as D.R.I., Evile, Nuclear Assault and more. They have one full length release 'Welcome to the Psyko Ward' out in 2016 and released a single 'Tossed to the Dogs' in 2020.
Psykosis are currently finishing their second album, ‘Mindgames’ (TBA).
Letty got to catch up with the band before they hit the Main room in Whelans playing support to UK thrashers, Evile.
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Mutant Mass © Psykosis, all rights reserved.

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