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Episode 289: Uncultivates: The greatest wild rodeo story never told with Boot, Dr.Eli, The Prospector & Goon of the hard hitting cowboycore band.

March 15th, 2024

DJ Tricky Dicky from the Lone Star State of Texas came on as a guest host to interview one of the most exciting, hard drinking, guitar slingin', and plumb crazy rodeo band in the world, Uncultivates for a special on The Metal Cell Podcast. Boot, Dr.Eli Gravedigger, The Prospector & Colonel Goon hooked up with DJ Dicky for a hog-killin' time and to bend an elbow with some of the strongest Goon shine you can imagine. It certainly was a wild fandango but with them boys one has to acknowledge the corn by sayin' you need to see a live Uncultivates rodeo before you pop your clogs! Hope you enjoyed this special recording and please 'SUBSCRIBE' if you haven't already partner!
Song played:
Second Rodeo © Uncultivates, all rights reserved.
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