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Episode 286: Fraught: Dave & Podge of the experimental death/sludge Dublin metal band, talk about their current release “Transfixed on Dying Light”.

March 1st, 2024

It was great to welcome back Fraught back onto the podcast. Fans of the band will remember that they were previously named 'Drought'. I was joined by Dave (Guitars) & Podge (Drums) of the experimental death/sludge Dublin metal band. “Transfixed on Dying Light” was released onthe 24th November 2023 via Argonauta Records and immediately received critical acclaim from all corners of the globe. The five piece band that recorded the release are completed by Andy on bass/sludge vocals; along with ex- members Mark on vocals and Garóg on guitars.
They are all huge fans of death metal, black metal, doom and sludge so we discussed how they all brought a different element of those influences to the table and weaved it into their own sound and direction. We covered the build up to the release “Transfixed on Dying Light” along with record label changes, gigs and many more interesting topics along with Mark and Garóg leaving. Please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel and share this with your mates if you enjoyed it.
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Songs played:
Increments Of Humiliation © Fraught, all rights reserved.
Sublimated Misanthropy © Fraught, all rights reserved.

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