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Episode 275: Crimson Butchery. John Roche (Guitars/Bass/Music) & Red Corcoran (Vocals) of the Death Metal band talk about their latest killer release 'Repulsive Exhibition'.

December 29th, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome John Roche ( (Guitars/Bass/Music) & Red Corcoran (Vocals) of Death Metal band Crimson Butchery on the show. They have released absolute killer death metal infused album 'Repulsive Exhibition' in Sept 2023, which made No.6 in The Metal Cell Podcast's album of the Year list. Myself and Evan talk to the Kilkenny duo about the formation of the band, previous bands they have been in, getting in Kevin Talley ex Dying Fetus, Misery Index in as the session drummer and recording new material for another release in 2024. This was a great episode to catch up with Red & John as both have been on already under their previous bands; Red with Necrotized and John with Gama Bomb. Hope you enjoy the episode, please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel. Check out Crimson Butchery here:
Songs played:
Mors Ontologica © Crimson Butchery, all rights reserved.
Necropolis Abortum © Crimson Butchery, all rights reserved.
Regurgitated Genitals © Crimson Butchery, all rights reserved.

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