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Episode 262: Gama Bomb Exclusive: Philly, Joe & JR give us a track by track run through of their fantastic new release 'Bats'!

November 10th, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome Philly, Joe and JR to the podcast to do an exclusive track by track rub through of their fantastic new release 'Bats' on @ProstheticRecords . 'From the tombs of Egypt to the faded glamour of old Hollywood, Philly, Domo, JR, Joe and James lead us through new sonic landscapes and all manner of novel adventures on what they themselves call their “weirdest” album yet.' Bats is their best Gama Bomb album to date for me, with musical nods to some of my favourite bands like Lizzy, Priest, Faith No More, Overkill and The Cult to name but a few. In sonic terms, the musicianship and singing is off the scale on this release, thanks to guitarist Domo who produced, mixed and mastered the entire thing, and he has done a fabulous job. So sit back, relax grab a beer, coffee or drink of your choice and listen to Philly, Joe & JR chat to me about how the creative process worked for the album, lyric inspirations and influences outside of the Metal spectrum.
'Bats' maybe called creepy, scary and spooky, but bats like Gama Bomb are an important species that impact our daily lives in ways we might not even realize. Hope you enjoy the Ceol, craic agus Metal! Please hit 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel. Thanks, Richie.
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