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Episode 260: Shardborne: Ciaran & Eoin Culhane (twin guitarists) of Shardborne talk about their brilliant new release 'Oars in the Water'.

October 26th, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome twins Ciaran & Eoin Culhane onto the show to talk about their fantastic new release 'Oars in the Water'. Shardborne based in Limerick, are a Progressive/Tech Instrumental Metal band, known for technical prowess and boundless creativity and summon a sonic tapestry that is as intricate as it is emotive. Welcome to a realm where stories are told through harmonies, complex arrangements, delicate moments and crescendos.
The four piece completed by Ben Wanders on Drums & Cormac O'Farrell on Bass, have created a contender for Irish Metal album of the year with 'Oars in the Water' in my humble opinion. Myself and Howard talk to the lads about early beginnings, creative song writing, tours and the ultimate dream launch party for 'Oars in the Water'. 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell Channel if you enjoyed this episode and check out the Shardborne links below.
Songs played:
The Professor © Shardborne, all rights reserved.
Homeward © Shardborne, all rights reserved.

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