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Episode 255: Devilsome: Garth Kidd (Vox/Bass) & Joe McGuigan (Guitars) talk about the writing & inspiration for their brilliant self titled debut goth/horror ep.

October 6th, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome Garth Kidd (Vox/Bass) & Joe McGuigan (Guitars) of Devilsome. The band along with John McSherry (Guitars) play music inspired by goth, metal, punk, horror, occult and all things dark and delectable. Childhood friends but finally united under the banner Devilsome, the lads share their love of horror movies, 80s vibes and classic metal bands. We discuss this and how the songs finally came together for their brilliant self titled debut release. With excellent contributions from Chris Williams: Drums, Kev Canavan: keyboards & Richard Shaw (Ex-Cradle of Filth) guest solo on 7th Seal, mixed and produced by Samuel Trubitt at Ritual studios, Devilsome offer something different in a Metal scene that is over populated by certain styles. Hope you enjoy the episode and please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel.
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Children of the Night © Devilsome, all rights reserved.
Charge of the Nephilim © Devilsome, all rights reserved.

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