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Episode 249: The Boat Sank. Chris (Drums) & Leighton (Bass) purveyors of the finest stoner/sludge from Belfast.

September 15th, 2023

Myself & Danielle welcomed Chris (Drums) & Leighton (Bass) of Belfast based stoner/sludge metal band The Boat Sank. The three piece including Charlie on guitars have been getting praise for all the right reasons by playing some immense shows on Metal 2T Masses & Crypt of the Riff. A string of impressive single releases only added to the buzz around The Boat Sank along with statements of 'A fancy ass ship that sunk. Who cares? Get the F#ck over it' is winning them plenty of fans up and down the country. Mainly instrumental; myself and Danielle get a lowdown on what to expect off the lads for the rest of the year and we get some insights into the wonderful creative process of The Boat Sank. Certainly one to watch in 2024, The Boat Sank is being risen by a tide of anticipation. Please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell Podcast and check out The Boat Sank on the links below:
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