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Episode 244: Aborted Earth: Shannon, Jamie & Darragh talk about their new split EP & the formation of the Grind/Punk/Sludge band.

August 25th, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome Shannon Bowman (Guitars/Producer), Jamie Murphy (Vocals) & Darragh O'Connor (Guitars) onto the show. Aborted Earth play a mixture of Grind/Punk/Sludge and experimental metal that not only smashes you in the face but also throws some serious curveballs that literally are jaw dropping. They recently released a split EP 'Hey kid, wanna buy a split? with Organ Blender which contains three new blistering tracks, which we feature two of and talk about on the episode. Having seen Aborted Earth live they are as chaotic as they are brutal so there's a throwback chat about the Siege and also about the formation of the band back in 2018. There's plenty of laughs along with some great insights from Aborted Earth. Hope you enjoyed the chat and please 'SUBCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel. Thanks, Richie.
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Vicious Circle © Aborted Earth, all rights reserved.
Coolock Bodybag © Aborted Earth, all rights reserved.

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