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Episode 232: Outsound: Steve (Vox/Guitars), Aaron (Bass/Vox) & Luke (Drums/Vox) talk about their brilliant debut LP Megatherium and share some interesting stories about the band and future plans.

June 9th, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome Steve (Vocals/Guitars) Aaron (Bass) and Luke(Drums) of Outsound. The lads are releasing their brilliant debut album ‘Megatherium’ on June 9th. Their sound encompasses a new wave of progressive, hard rock carrying melodic vocals through atmospheric bends, searing leads and bouncing breakdowns. Tearing strips from blues, grunge, heavy metal and even sprinkling in some Beach Boys flavoured harmonies, the lads share some insights into the recording of their debut and how the
band were formed. We talk about the work that Fintan McKahey at Ivy Hill Studios did for the recording of the album and Colin Bolger of Dabulga Design for the amazing artwork that he has provided throughout all of Outsounds releases.
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Hardcore Daisy © Outsound, all rights reserved.
Murder Dream © Outsound, all rights reserved.

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