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Episode 224: War Of Attrition: Nathan (Vocals) & Ocean (Guitars) talk about their new ep 'The Social Apocalypse', an impressive 12 months of gigging and working on new material.

April 14th, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome Nathan (Vocals) & Ocean (Guitars) of War Of Attrition to the show. The band play a ferocious mixture of thrash, groove and gritty metal that hits all the sweet spots especially when witnessed live. I caught up with the lads just before they do their debut EP launch of 'The Social Apocalypse' in their favourite city, Limerick. Having blasted their way through a serious amount of gigs during 2022, War Of Attrition are perfectly poised to have another impressive year building on the following they have on these shores and are prepping for an new album further down the line. All of this is covered and many more topics are addressed by Nathan and Ocean on this episode. Hope you enjoy it and to see more content like this please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel. Thanks, Richie.
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Songs played:
Throne Of A Fallen King © War of Attrition, all rights reserved.
Bad Personality Disorder © War of Attrition, all rights reserved.
The Constant Gray © War of Attrition, all rights reserved.

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