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Episode 222: Words That Burn: Roni & Jason talk about their brilliant new release 'Cut Throat Culture' and share some insights into the recording & song writing process of the album.

March 31st, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome back Roni MacRuairi (Vocals) & Jason Christy (Drums) of Words That Burn to the podcast. The four piece from Dundalk which also feature Ger Murphy (Bass) and Shane Martin (Guitars/Synths) have released a blistering follow up to Pyres which came out in 2019. 'Mixed and mastered by Josh Schroeder [Lora Shore, King 810], ‘Cut Throat Culture‘ sees the rising Irish four-piece embrace a variety of styles that range from alternative, to metal-core, and electronic fusion, creating a body of work that, if anything, is totally unique to the bands core sound, as well as being a landmark release for contemporary Irish Metal.' [email protected]

'Cut Throat Culture' dropped on March 16th, via Blood Blast Distribution/Believe Digital so it was a perfect time to catch up with Roni & Jason to talk about what the release means to them, we get some insights into the recording and song writing process and of course future plans for the band. You can catch Words That Burn at the famous 'Siege of Limerick' festival on Sunday April 9th. Hope you enjoyed the interview and please hit 'SUBSCRIBE' if you want more content on The Metal Cell YouTube channel. Thanks for listening/watching. Richie.
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Sirens © Words That Burn, all rights reserved.
The Calvary ain't comin' © Words That Burn, all rights reserved.
Michael © Words That Burn, all rights reserved.

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