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Episode 215: Cell Games: Max, Tristan, Deb & Tonci of the Nu-Metal/Hard Rock band talk to me about recording new music & future plans for 2023.

February 10th, 2023

Max (Vocals), Tristan (Guitars) and newest members Deb (Bass) & Tonci (Drums) join me as we go over a busy twelve months for Cell Games. Having won their first heat of Metal2TMasses blasting out their mix of Nu-Metal/Hard Rock and releasing their well received new single 'Here's to your Bones' I felt it was the perfect time to catch up with the band to discuss their formation, recording new songs and future gigs that may be on the horizon. Cell Games offer an exciting new mix of Metal to the Irish Metal Scene and it won't surprise me to see them appear on a few festival circuits in 2023/2024. I had a great chat and laugh with the band and don't forget to check out all of Cell Games socials. I hope you enjoyed this episode and please 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel to see more interviews like this. Thanks for your support, Richie.
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