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Episode 207: Sonus Mortis. I talk to Kevin Byrne whose epic solo Death Metal album 'Collapse The Mountain' is out now.

December 16th, 2022

Kevin Byrne it's fair to say is a veteran of the Irish Metal Scene stretching back to the formation of Valediction in 2005. Myself and Kevin cover those years leading up to the release of their acclaimed debut album 'The Primitive Architecture' recorded in 2010/20011, by a relatively young Mick Richards at Track Mix Studios. In fact that bond with Mick was to prove fruitful when Valediction went their separate ways, with Kevin approaching Mick with plans for his solo project 'Sonus Mortis'. Six albums in nine years is an incredible outlay for an solo artist and there is plenty to cover in relation to how Kevin approaches song structures, lyrical themes and the build up to his current brilliant release 'Collapse The Mountain'. I hope you enjoy the episode and please 'SUBSCRIBE' to the channel if you haven't already. Thanks Richie.
Links to Sonus Mortis:
Songs played:
Reveal The Arteries And Attach The Leeches (c) Sonus Mortis, all rights reserved 2022.
Collapse The Mountain (c) Sonus Mortis, all rights reserved 2022.

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