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Episode 205: Keith (Drums) & Luke (Riffs) of Dog Tired talk about their upcoming dates in Ireland & completing work on a new album.

December 1st, 2022

The first part of two episodes with bands from Scotland that have formed strong bonds with Irish Metal bands. This episode myself and Evan catch up with Keith and Luke of Dog Tired. The band have announced two dates in Ireland with local supports from Nomadus, Gravity Well & Lock Horns (The Deers Head, Belfast), Slung from a Tree & TOOMS (Dolans, Limerick). They have also been busy completing an album, so we get some updates on that and I surprise them with a quiz to test their knowledge on Ireland.....some craic with that! If you haven't got tickets for these shows you are seriously missing out on face melting riffs and a heaviness that is both brutal and unrelenting. Hit 'SUBSCRIBE' to The Metal Cell YouTube channel if you haven't done already and thanks for the support Richie.
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