The Metal Cell Podcast

Episode 20: Black Shuck from Galway, recorded live @ Metal Utd in Cyprus Avenue Cork courtesy of Pethrophile Promotions on 15/06/19.

June 22nd, 2019

The Metal Cell was set up in The Green Room of Cyprus Avenue to do a live Podcast for the Metal United gig thanks to Danny Fitz of Pethrophile Promotions. Black Shuck from Galway were the second band to play for the worldwide celebration of metal and pummeled the growing crowd with slabs of raw face melting aggression. Soon a mosh pit started at the front of the stage with the band joining in. Brendan, Ian and Thomas joined me afterwards for one of the best laughs I had in along time, covering all sorts of random subjects. So if you like Bloodstock, Jagermeister, killdozers, metal, Lars Ulrich and tasty bass players do not miss this one.

Songs featured: Counterfeit Throne and The Hound (c) Black Shuck, 2019 all rights reserved.

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