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Episode 186: Old Season: Jimmy (Guitars), John (Vocals) & Dave (Bass) talk about their band history & future plans which includes a new release hopefully in early 2023.

July 29th, 2022

It was a pleasure to Jimmy Blanchfield (Guitars), John Bonham (Vocals) and Dave Copley (Bass) of Old Season to talk about the last few months and what to expect off them heading into 2023. The rest of the band comprises of Jimmy Kiernan (Guitars), Dermod Smyth (Synth) & Anto Walsh (Drums). Formed in 2003 from the ashes of Karnayna, after a few line up changes and 2 releases the current line-up released the critically acclaimed 'Beyond The Black' in 2017, which was recorded at Trackmix Recording Studio, Dublin. Old Season are again working with Mick Richards at Trackmix and myself & Howard get an insight into what to expect off the lads hopefully in early 2023. A brilliant bunch of musicians fronted by an incredible singer, it's certainly going to be an upcoming release to savour. I really enjoyed the chat with Jimmy, John, Dave & Howard and don't forget to 'SUBSCRIBE' to the Metal Cell YouTube channel for more content like this. Thanks Richie.
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