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Episode 182: God Alone's Cian (Bass/Vox) & Jake (Guitars/Vox) chat about new material, gigs & plans for 2022.

July 1st, 2022

It was a pleasure to welcome back God Alone's Cian (Bass/Vox) & Jake (Guitars/Vox) to the show. The Cork five piece have gone from strength to strength since last appearing on the podcast and now with an imminent release on the horizon, it was great to catch up with the lads. Having heard a sneak preview of the release, suffice to say it's the album I always hoped they'd make, it's a game changer for sure! Cian & Jake give a good insight into what to expect with on the music side of things, we also spend a bit of time chatting about their tour of the U.K and what to expect from God Alone further down the line. Hope you enjoy it, there's plenty of laughs in this and as usual please 'SUBSCRIBE' to the channel if you haven't already.
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A Mellifluous Rose Bouquet And Unheard-of Citrus Midtones Are Merged In The 2010 Semillon From Champs De Beaujolais (c) God Alone, 2022 all rights reserved.

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