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Episode 180: Mark Morrissey: Paranoid Beast Promotions, Cork, talks about the beasts historic impact and final roar!

June 9th, 2022

Myself and Howard sit down with Mark Morrissey one half of the legendary Paranoid Beast Promotions. Mark and Con Doyle joined forces five years ago to create an amazing scene for live Metal music in Cork. They steadily grew their brand by hosting some incredible gigs firstly in the Poor Relation before finding their spiritual home in Fred Zeppelins. In between those memorable years; Cyprus Avenue was the venue for the amazing 'Monolith' festivals where the best international Metal bands mixed with their Irish counterparts and also An Spailpín Fanach which hosted the fantastic 'Ritual of the Evil Eye' festivals. Paranoid Beast were also behind a seven series compilation of the best in Irish Metal and created an independent record label to help with releases from Cork acts Partholón & Coroza. There are many stories to go through on this interview and once again I want to thank both Con, Mark and their incredible team that helped them throughout the years, they have a huge amount of audio recordings, video footage and photos to revisit so hopefully we'll see the fruition of these in time to come. Their story is now part of the rich legacy of the Irish Metal Scene and their contribution to the Cork Metal Scene is immense. Long live The Paranoid Beast!
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