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Episode 178: Jake Wallace (Elder Druid/Dark Arts Promotions) updates us on the Druid album, solo projects & future plans.

May 26th, 2022

Myself and Danielle had a really entertaining chat with the talented Jake Wallace guitarist of Elder Druid about the yet to be released 'Carcosa' album. It's fair to say they had some delays with it and Jake still won't put a date on the actual release. We discuss their incredible performance at The Siege of Limerick festival and some upcoming gigs that Jake is promoting through his Dark Arts Promo page. I bought 'Lustre of the Dark' Jakes solo debut album, which certainly caused me to appreciate the brilliant musicianship of his work & arrangements. Jake does all the piano & acoustic guitar arrangements, focusing on tones of melancholy, ethereal soundscapes and contemplative ambience. It was a pleasure to have Jake on and be sure to check out all his stuff on the links below. As always please hit that 'SUBSCRIBE' button and thanks for supporting the show. Richie.
Tracks played:
Elysian feat. No Naime (c) Jake Wallace, 2022 all rights reserved.
Golgotha (c) Elder Druid, 2022 all rights reserved.

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