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Episode 172: Svet Kant: Santiago Kodela (guitarist/vocalist) talks about the release of their 'Three Faces' EP.

April 14th, 2022

It was a pleasure to welcome the talented Santiago Kodela (guitarist/vocalist) of Svet Kant to once again join me on the show. The band will be releasing their brilliant new EP called 'Three Faces' on Friday 15th of April. We talk about the creative process that went into the writing of 'Three Faces' and discuss what the rest of the year holds for one of the most unique bands in the Irish Metal Scene. They will be releasing the EP ONLY via Bandcamp, and it can be pre-ordered here:
Songs played:
1.Three Faces (c) Svet Kant, 2022

  1. Conjured (c) Svet Kant, 2022
  2. White Parlour (c) Svet Kant, 2022 Band Link:
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