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Episode 168: Solo Artists P.3. Adrian Foley (The Ancient Dark, Necrokinesis, ex-Stereo Nasty), Keith McCoy (Hedfuzzy, Six Still Missing) and Mó Sheerin (Witchkicker).

March 24th, 2022

I was delighted to welcome Adrian Foley, Keith McCoy & Mó Sheerin to part 3 of a series I'm doing highlighting the terrific Irish solo artists that are releasing material in the Irish Metal Scene. Adrian Foley (guitarist/vocals) is no stranger to this podcast due to his brilliant thrash solo release with Necrokinesis. It's fair to say he caught us on the hop with his new e.p 'The Ancient Dark', a brilliant slab of melodic death metal. Keith McCoy (drums/synths/guitars) has released a fantastic metal infused with 80's synth e.p called 'Tacky Boots and Technology'. Whilst Mó Sheerin (guitarist) is working on her yet to be released project 'Nebularis'. It was fascinating to hear about their creative processes, the difference in song writing techniques, some of the difficulties a solo artist faces and the decision to collaborate or not. All of their music is different but they all share common trait of being passionate about their music, taking a really professional approach to the end product and proud to fly the flag for Irish Metal. Hope you enjoy the episode and be sure to check out their respective Bandcamp pages! Thanks Richie.
Hours Turn To Years © Adrian Foley, all rights reserved 2022.
Tacky Boots and Technology © Keith McCoy, all rights reserved 2022.
Nature, Nuture or Resent © Witchkicker, all rights reserved 2022.

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