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Episode 166: Alan Averill: vocalist of Primordial/vocalist and bassist of Dread Sovereign.

March 10th, 2022

Myself and Joe McGuigan of Gama Bomb sit down with Alan Averill of Primordial/Dread Sovereign. Primordial sell out venues around the world; they headline festivals across Europe, their fans will travel thousands of miles to see them, they’re the biggest contemporary Irish metal band but are largely ignored by the main stream Irish press. We get an in-depth account from Alan about Primordial's rise to achieve that status with some fantastic insights into his creative process along with his other band as the bassist and vocalist of Dread Sovereign. There's certainly a fortitude and mental strength to survive thirty one years playing in Primordial and as their lead vocalist, Alan shares tales of gigs, fights and his views on the changes in the metal scene since he first started out. Hope you enjoy it. Richie.
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