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Episode 164: Carlo Bellotti of Worm Hole Death record label & Epictronic record label speaks about his 30yrs in the music business.

February 24th, 2022

Myself and Evan have a brilliant chat with Carlo Bellotti of Worm Hole Death, Epictronic and Carlo Bellotti Publishing. Carlo came to my attention via his Worm Hole Death record label, which he created to sign some incredible Metal acts and it has steadily grown worldwide. At the moment it has two brilliant Irish Metal acts on it which is Foreign Wolf and The Risen Dread. Carlo imparts some terrific insights and wisdom working in an industry that he loves for over 30 years. We talk about the deals bands can get if they sign with one of Carlos labels, what is expected of the band and what to expect in the future when it comes to the challenges record labels face. It was important to forge a relationship with Carlo when it comes to the Irish Metal Scene and to know that he will genuinely listen to a band that The Metal Cell will recommend to him. Carlo may be Italian but he lost no time in sharing with us his love of Ireland. So enjoy the episode and hit subscribe if you haven't already. Thanks Richie.
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