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Episode 160: Cory Sloan (Aeternum Vale, Grave Sermon & Legion of Wolves) and Jason Connolly (Grave Sermon & Legion of Wolves).

February 3rd, 2022

It was a pleasure to welcome bassist Cory Sloan and drummer Jason Connolly to the show. The lads contribution to the Irish Metal Scene is immense in relation to the bands they've played in and recorded with along with their absolute dedication to their craft.
Cory and Jason share some incredible memories of a Irish Metal Scene that many of a certain age would have missed out on and talk about the many musicians they admire and have played with!
Cory has played in Fifth Dominion, Post Mortem, Geasa, Arcane Sun, Afterlife, Abaddon Incarnate, Thy Sinister Bloom and is currently with Aeternum Vale, Grave Sermon and Legion of Wolves. Jason has played with Primal Dawn, Morphosis, Desolate, Abaddon Incarnate, and is currently with Grave Sermon and Legion of Wolves.
Grave Sermon track:
Motionless Terror © Grave Sermon, all rights reserved 2022
Legion of Wolves track:
Heavy Mass of Murder © Legion of Wolves, all rights reserved 2022

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