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Episode 154: 'Underground Volume 1: The best of Irish Metal 2021 by The Metal Cell Podcast'.

December 31st, 2021

To celebrate a fantastic year for Irish Metal releases, I've compiled some of my favourite tracks for you on this the first part of 'Underground Volume 1: The best of Irish Metal 2021 by The Metal Cell Podcast'. Please understand that it was really hard to distill it down to 40 tracks over these two compilations, I was musically spoilt for choice so for all the bands that made my top 40 a big thanks to ye for allowing me to use your music! Please support all Irish Metal bands by buying their Music & Merch, visit their Bandcamp page or follow them on social media through this difficult time for all musicians/artists in the Irish Metal scene. Thanks to everyone who have shown The Metal Cell some love over the last 12 months....this compilation is for ye! Cheers Richie!

SOOTHSAYER: War of the Doves.
CORR MHÓNA: An tSláine.
FORAOISÍ GAN INIÚCHADH: No one is Safe from Evil.
GEALACH: The Elatha Ancestry.
ALL IRELAND METAL PROJECT: Born under a bad sign.
COSCRADH: Mesradh Machae.
DREAD SOVEREIGN: She Wolves of the Savage Season.
FOR RUIN: In Vain.
ENSHROUD: Darkness Grips Us All.
WORN OUT: Blind Eye.
GREY STAG: The Adversary.
NOMADUS: Dawn of Darkness.
ACID AGE: Death of Octavia.
FRAUGHT: Apex Leech.
SURVIVALIST: Greed and Obsession
UNCULTIVATES: I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been set on fire.
ARCHIVES: Karoshi.
SAINT SLAUGHTER: Execution at will.
GOLGOTHA: The Paths of the Dead.

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