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Episode 148: Bailer. Chris Harte guitarist with hardcore/metal band Bailer gives us a fascinating insight into their incredible debut album 'Disposable Youth'.

November 18th, 2021

I was delighted to finally open up the Metal Cell studios to welcome Chris Harte of Bailer. When Chris sent me on 'Disposable Youth' a few days previous, I was nervous enough approaching it. The four singles sounded immense but how would they interact with the rest of the songs and how would it play as a whole album from the start to finish. The results were jaw dropping! Bailer have made the debut album we all hoped they would. They have given the Hardcore/Metal scene the shot in the arm it needed, a voice to a generation who have suffered from mental health issues, abandonment and sheer frustration at living in a void created by a failure of successive governments. The album grabs the listener by the throat and forces you to face what Bailer wants you to see....a brutal reality filled with hostility, where you are battered with seismic riffs and pummelled into submission by a band that are on top of their game. Chris navigates us through the making of 'Disposable Youth' their debut album, we explore the topics of the album and you get to hear clips of all the songs. A special thanks goes out to Paul Flynn of Paul Flynn Productions who did a fantastic job of filming and editing the episode which is available on The Metal Cell YouTube channel. Shout outs also to JGVisuals and Paul Flynn for the additional content.
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