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Episode 134: Thorsten Schaeben & Pat O'Regan from Veil of Sound webzine - lifting the veil from underground music.

August 12th, 2021

Episode 134 is a brilliant one with Veil of Sound - lifting the veil from underground music! I was delighted to welcome Thorsten Schaeben and Pat O'Regan from @veil_of_sound webzine. When reading a review on Veil of Sound you are immediately aware how accurately the lads convey their feelings for the musical piece. The intimate tracing of the songs composition and careful analysing of its parts will lead you into the final few sentences that will imprint in the readers memory and help to decide whether to buy the album or not. Veil of Sound webzine is not only a page for music aficionados but also for the casual Metal fan who likes to check out new bands and releases. Hope you enjoy the show and please "Hit Subscribe" if you haven't already. Thanks Richie.

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