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Episode 130: Rob Curran of Clang Metal Festival Ireland.

July 15th, 2021

When Clang announced that a Irish heavy metal festival was being held in spring 2020 and it would feature several Metal headliners along with over 20 Irish metal bands on two stages in the National Stadium Dublin, everyone in the Irish Metal Scene started texting each other. The majority of people were fairly dubious about the whole thing and nobody knew who or what was behind Clang. As the press releases kept coming there was a growing feeling that it was going to fall flat on it's face until COVID intervened and everything was rescheduled. Some more updates followed, a new date was set for 2022 with the announcement that festival was downsized. There was still a lot of uncertainty about which Irish bands were going to play or who to approach about getting on Clang. It was therefore a pleasure to welcome Rob on the show to clear up the whole Clang drama and to cast aside some of the negativity aimed at the festival. It remains to be seen whether Clang can be a success or not but at least you'll be left with a better understanding of the aspirations of Rob and his team, as myself and Howard were. Hope you enjoy the episode and please subscribe to the show if you enjoyed it.
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