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Episode 128: Carl King of Kingwoes Court Podcast and singer of Two Tales of Woe.

July 1st, 2021

It was great to welcome Carl King to The Metal Cell Podcast. Carl is a huge supporter of the Irish Metal Scene through his podcast Kingwoes Court which interviews Irish Metal bands. He is also the singer of his own band Two Tales of Woe (Doom/Sludge from Dublin) and has shared the stage with many bands from both here and abroad. Carl has been involved in many side projects as a frontman and I along my co-host Evan, were keen to get an update of his latest work for Aiséirí (The All Ireland Metal Project). Having survived a heart attack earlier this year, Carl shares his thoughts on it and the overwhelming support he received from the metal community. A family man first and foremost, with a huge love of metal, it was a pleasure to chat with Carl. I hope you enjoy the show and please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks Richie.
Two Tales of Woe (c) Misery, 2019 all rights reserved.
Withered Fist (c) This is my mountain, 2019 all rights reserved.
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